The Tigers Battle On

Despite not maintaining their 100% record at the start of the season, the signs where still more good than bad following Hull’s narrow defeat to United last night. Hull showed desire, grit and determination during their encounter with Mourinho’s side and they very nearly pulled off the impossible.

Many expected United to roll over the Tiger’s, despite seeing off the champions and Swansea in their opening two fixtures, but the Red Devils were very nearly left red-faced after struggling to break down the stubborn Hull back-line. United didn’t play bad at all but they struggled to find that killer pass to crack open the two banks of four in front of the goal. The hunger to get a result yesterday was typified by the captain’s performance of one Curtis Davies who was just about everywhere. He never put a foot wrong and to be honest he hasn’t put one wrong all season. With the England squad announcement around the corner, I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see Davies involved.


Davies has started the new season in fine form at the back for Hull (see above)

If United had failed to break down Hull, the spotlight would fall on Mourinho’s side, but the reality is that Mike Phelan’s side where set up to perfection. Everyone knew their job and they all stuck to it perfectly. At times it did mean they lacked an attacking threat but I’m sure at the beginning of the game they wanted a clean sheet more than anything. The credit for this has to go to the caretaker who seems to be taking care of anything. Mike Phelan has worked wonders with probably the smallest squad ever to play in the premier league and it’s clear to all that the players are certainly buying into him. It is surely only a matter of time before his tenure becomes permanent otherwise that club is in more of a mess than we realise.

Now probably after losing one game, everyone is going to be saying that Hull are doomed and they are destined for the drop. However, let me remind them that yes they lost, but they lost to a team who has a midfielder (Paul Pogba) who is probably worth about 4x times as much as the entire Hull squad. Their season is not going to be defined on one game against Man United. With the international break comes a period for the Hull players to rest up and go again and you never know they might get some back from injury, who knows. All I’m saying is that don’t write off them just yet. They have shown that with a lot of work from the first minute to the 90th, you can pick up results, no matte the size of the squad.